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We're all patients under the No Surprises Act

The NSA has been in effect for a little over a year now, but every few months new updates hit the headlines. Labs, providers and payors can keep up by using careviso’s platform seeQer.

Why careviso?

We've been here
since the beginning

We were the first company to focus on diagnostic HUB services, founded in 2017. Moving from PAs to GFEs was a natural progression.

We know
who's who

Our webinars featured one of the authors of the NSA, Adam Buckalew. Julie Barnes, SME, also joined us on screen.​

We believe in
the big picture

Our mission, helping patients get the test they need, is reflected in the larger purpose of the NSA.

We've already
built it

seeQer answers the exact questions patients and providers are asking at the point of care, directly aligned with the NSA.

Introducing seeQer

seeQer is a platform that provides clear & accurate financial transparency for labs and patients. By connecting with health plans and facilities, we are able to give real-time information at the point of care and eliminate unexpected bills for patient healthcare costs. It also streamlines the PA process while maintaining or increasing current PA volume.


Agencies that have published information about the No Surprises Act

See it in action

The No Surprises Act isn’t punishment for any
one party, its ultimate goal is to benefit the
patient. And we’re all patients.