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Cervical Health Month 2022

For most cancers, lowering risk is the major thing we can do to combat the deadly disease. But for women there’s a vaccine that can fully prevent cancer of the cervix, and it has already shown a reduction in infections and pre-cancers at a staggering rate since its debut on the market. Educating all patients about the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and its effectiveness is crucial to eliminating the cervical cancer from the world population (one country is well on its way to doing just that).

But first, the Basics

There are 5 main steps to keeping the cervix healthy:

First, don’t skip the pap smear! Women should have an annual OBGYN exam and a pap smear every 3 years. This ensures any changes or abnormalities are caught early and treated effectively. Second, know your risk factors – birthing 3+ kids, using birth control pills for 5+ years, being immunocompromised, practicing unsafe sex or having multiple sexual partners, and smoking can all increase your risk of cervical cancer. Smoking may seem an odd link, but tobacco by-products have been found in the cervical mucus of women who smoke. Maintaining a healthy diet and managing stress can also have a significant impact lowering the chance of developing cervical cancer. Lastly, the game changer for most women is the HPV vaccine.

Vaccines and Screening

Almost all cervical cancers are linked to HPV, and can even lead to cancers of the vagina, vulva, penis, anus, and throat. This why receiving the HPV vaccine can prevent over 90% of cancers caused by HPV from ever developing. There are three vaccines available, and according to the CDC “HPV vaccination prevents new HPV infections, but does not treat existing infections or diseases. The HPV vaccine works best when given before any exposure to HPV.” That’s why it’s important to start screening at age 21 or before becoming sexually active – if pre-cancers are detected physicians should follow up with a HPV test.

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How CMT Can Help

CMT Solutions works with thousands of OBGYN clinics across the country to ensure patients get screened for HPV and other reproductive cervical health issues. By partnering with us, physician offices decrease wait times for test approvals and improve quality of care for patients. Contact us today to learn how our prior authorization service seerEZ can help your practice or laboratory.

About CMT

CMT offers combined expertise in laboratory, technology solutions, and HUB services to help both patients and physicians. We are the market leader in molecular diagnostic patient access, offering prior authorizations, benefits investigation, notifications, genetic counseling, and more. Learn more about our seerEZ product and how it can help your business today!

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