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What We Do

careviso is solving the most complex
problems for one of the largest industries

careviso is a healthcare technology company supporting everyone involved in diagnostic testing. We offer a complete technology platform to payors, physicians, and laboratories so they can spend more time focusing on patient care rather than administrative tasks. Our proprietary technology and expert teams provide prior authorization and financial transparency workflows that keeps our partners delivering an improved patient experience.

Automating the Impossible

We created APIs with local, regional, and national labs to share information in real time. By simplifying workflows from those sources we’ve created a fast and reliable exchange of data that powers our products.

Our engineers built a portal where hundreds of labs and clinics find the answers they’re looking for in real-time. Daily interactions with our clients ensure our products are always relevant and meet client needs.

We listen to our employees and equip them with the best tools for success. We built a clinical glossary within our product that improves case comprehension after receiving feedback that more clinical knowledge would assist our teams.

Over 900 payers have partnered with us to build tailored solutions for their prior authorization processes. We have a deep understanding of each clients’ unique requirements and have created through experience optimal interaction guides.

As the No Surprises Act took shape we watched and envisioned how best we could build our products to meet legislation requirements. seeQer allows labs and providers to share data in real time, making it possible for patients to receive an Advanced Explanation of Benefits and Good Faith Estimate, and eliminates surprise billing.