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careviso celebrates 5 year anniversary by “powering transparency”

Falls Church, VA – February 27, 2023 –

Today, careviso brings simplicity and access to diagnostic testing by providing financial transparency solutions and prior authorization services. We are celebrating our 5th anniversary of helping the healthcare community by reflecting on some of our achievements and announcing a new tagline that will take the company forward into our next era.  

When the company began in 2018, it was framed around the issue of physicians being required by health plans to perform labor intensive and complicated prior authorizations for ordering important diagnostic tests for patients. Now, we have performed over 1 million prior auths in our 5 years, servicing 145,000 physicians in our network.  

As healthcare needs have evolved over the past 5 years, so have we. Financial transparency is critical to helping patients understand their care and how to access it. Today’s healthcare system needs to bring simplicity and transparency to those they are serving, and we are committed to be part of it. Our motto plays an important part in our brand image and identity. Today, we are announcing a new tagline, “powering transparency,” as it reflects current healthcare needs and how we, as careviso, can help.  

With seeQer, our complete technology platform, we have streamlined the two most complex issues in healthcare: financial transparency and prior authorizations. As we celebrate our company’s 5th anniversary, we continue to clarify and simplify healthcare information and processes for providers, labs, payors, and patients alike.  

 The hard reality is that 9 out of 10 startups will ultimately fail. We are confident that careviso is the 1 out of 10 who will be there for our customers over the long run. We are looking forward to continuing to service the healthcare community and to bring clarity to all who are looking.  

About careviso:

careviso is a healthcare technology company. By automating the impossible we’re able to solve the most complex problems in the healthcare industry in real-time: prior authorizations and financial transparency. careviso created a complete technology platform that increases patient access to care by delivering cost estimates, administrative requirements and approvals in real time. careviso began with a laboratory focused approach, and our mission is to support patients, providers, and payors with total access to healthcare.

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