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Lab Service Providers

Together we simplify and streamline

Together we simplify and streamline

Our Solutions

When labs contract with us, they can access our complete platform solutions. We handle prior authorizations made possible by our cutting-edge automation and human specialists who ensure complex cases are handled with ease. 


Our product, seeQer, provides an Advanced Explanation of Benefits, screens insurance eligibility, and compiles a good faith estimate distributable to providers and patients.


Our dedicated engineering team created a streamlined system that can handle the most complex cases from start to finish. 

Customer Service

Our robust knowledge in diagnostics and healthcare sets us apart.

Tech Expertise

For each challenge we face, we create technological solutions that are easily deployable across our teams and healthcare partners.  

seeQer provides clear & accurate financial transparency for patients. By connecting with health plans and facilities, we are able to give real time information at the point of care and eliminate unexpected bills for patient healthcare costs.

Did you know?

$10,000 of fines can be administered to non-compliant providers and facilities once the No Surprises Act is enforced. See how careviso provides an automated solution through seeQer. 

seeQer provides an Advanced Explanation of Benefits and a good faith estimate distributable to providers and patients.

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