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New VP of Clinical Operations

Meet Shauna

Summer at CMT means new faces on Zoom calls, from our summer Interns to new hires. This week we’re welcoming Shauna Hay to the executive team as our new VP of Clinical Operations. Shauna has had diverse experiences in clinical laboratories, academia, and the biomedical/health care industries. Shauna loves science and is excited about the possibilities genetic testing holds for the future.

Shauna Hay: A woman posing professionally, wearing a black shirt, red glasses, and a red bead necklace.

In her most recent role, Shauna was the Vice President of Policy Management Operations for BeaconLBS, a laboratory benefit management company and subsidiary of LabCorp. While serving as the clinical lead, she managed the genetic strategy, policy and clinical algorithm development, and was the account coordinator for a major health plan. She has a Master’s degree in Public Health and BS degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from UNC- Chapel Hill; she is also a board certified Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

Shauna enjoys helping others understand genetic testing and is fascinated by the new tests entering the market. Shauna lives in beautiful Chapel Hill, NC with her husband, kids, dogs, and cats. She loves the Carolina TarHeels, coffee, and post-apocalyptic fiction, especially zombies. Welcome to the CMT family Shauna!

About CMT

CMT offers combined expertise in laboratory, technology solutions, and HUB services to help both patients and physicians. We are the market leader in molecular diagnostic patient access, offering prior authorizations, benefits investigation, notifications, genetic counseling, and more.

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