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Lowering Patient Administrative Burden

When it comes to healthcare responsibility, patient’s not only face a financial burden, but an administrative one as well. From sharing prescription information between providers to resolving billing issues, patients deal with administrative tasks that ultimately limit their access to care. A recent study in Health Services Research found that “delayed/foregone care due to administrative burden is comparable to similar estimates of cost-related barriers to care.”

Defining Patient Administrative Burden

Patient administrative burden infographic

The co-author of this study goes into more detail on his blog and twitter.

How CMT Can Help

CMT Solutions’ mission is to remove diagnostic testing barriers and eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks for both patient and physician is just one element of that goal. By focusing on the system through which providers, labs, and payors interact, CMT has created a price transparency tool that also provides an explanations of benefits to all patients, now a legal requirement as of 2022. This step towards relieving the patient administrative burden may seem complex given the intricacies of the healthcare system, but CMT is in a unique position to help all involved, from patient to physician to health plan. With the launch of seeQer, we can now provide an AEoB through a Price Transparency Tool that meets the needs of providers, payors, labs, and, most importantly, patients. By partnering with CMT Solutions, your organization can work towards removing administrative burden from patients!

About CMT

CMT offers combined expertise in laboratory, technology solutions, and HUB services to help both patients and physicians. It is the market leader in molecular diagnostic patient access, offering prior authorizations, benefits investigation, notifications, genetic counseling, and more.

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