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CMT Solutions is Pleased to Announce Our Existing PA Product is Now Upgraded to seerEZ

CMT Solutions, a leader in patient access services for laboratory diagnostics, is delighted to announce our Prior Authorization service product is now updated and has a new name: seerEZ (pronounced: sear – ease)

seerEZ logo and text: a dot, dash, and a dot all center aligned within a blue hexagon.

CMT Solutions has built seerEZ over the course of 3 years and it contains our knowledge and experience for both laboratory genetic testing and patient access. Through an expert system, seerEZ allows CMT to navigate the complex process of diagnostic testing accessibility. seerEZ is not just one product or feature, it is a real time platform that our specialist team uses to manage prior authorizations for laboratory genetic testing.

The diagnostic testing market is rapidly growing, and health plans continually update their requirements and policies. seerEZ correctly identifies the health plan requirements, processes, and timings, and gives laboratories a clean claim to submit for their patients and providers.

“Our mission is to help all patients get access to the right test they need to treat their condition or disease. seerEZ resolves many questions from laboratories and providers regarding access for genetic testing. Is a PA required? What data does the health plan need to see and when? Is there other medical management needed? seerEZ uses an expert system to determine the correct steps and documentation to quickly and compliantly help us accomplish our mission: diagnostic testing patient access.” says Andrew Mignatti, CEO and Co-Founder of CMT Solutions.

About CMT Solutions:

CMT Solutions helps laboratories and physician offices who order diagnostic testing for their patients, by performing the prior authorizations on behalf of the physicians and the laboratories. CMT Solutions is the only healthcare services company that is singularly focused on patient access for molecular diagnostics. CMT’s vision is to improve patient access to care and remove barriers involving diagnostic testing through a sustainable solution that efficiently navigates the complex landscape involving payors, laboratories, physicians, and the patient.

The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Northern Virginia, with additional CMT operations center in Orlando, Florida. CMT performs over 22,000 laboratory diagnostic prior authorizations each month, and has in-depth knowledge of laboratory, patient access, payer relations, and healthcare.

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