seeQer x UPenn Webinar: January 12, 2024

On January 12, careviso invited Danielle McKenna, licensed and certified genetic counselor as well as licensed and certified genetic counselor Jacquelyn Powers, also from UPenn to discuss the benefits of our product seeQer. They also discussed how careviso has helped alleviate the burden of prior authorizations in an accurate and efficient way. In case you missed it, below is the video of the webinar accompanied by a live seeQer demo:


If you’re interested in exploring seeQer’s benefits or would like more information about seeQer in general, please reach out to our team.

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About careviso

careviso is a healthcare technology company supporting everyone involved in diagnostic testing. We created a proprietary platform for payors, physicians, and laboratories that improves patient care through streamlined workflows. By automating the impossible we’re solving the most complex problems in the healthcare industry: prior authorizations and financial transparency.