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The time for simple, clear, approachable healthcare is now.

We are now careviso

CMT Solutions began as CoverMyTest due to the need of prior authorizations specifically for lab testing. However, physicians and their staff became overwhelmed by a process meant to help guide care. Our co-founders saw the struggle, and wanted to support physicians so they could bring patient care back into focus. And that’s how CMT Solutions came to be.

Over the past 5 years our company has grown into much more than just prior authorizations. Which is why we’d like to reintroduce ourselves as careviso.

From one patient to a whole network, careviso supports providers, payors, labs, and patients alike. By automating the impossible, we’re able to help solve the most complex issues in the healthcare industry in real-time: prior authorizations and financial transparency. Along the way, we have helped over 1,000,000 patients and 100,000 physicians. We’re excited for this new chapter at our company, and look forward to continuing to bring the care back into healthcare.

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How to pronounce: kerv/I/zoυ